Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Soapmaking Christmas

Above is the results of cutting the stuff below.
This Christmas break has been frought with much soapmaking. We have made mint chocolate swirl, seen here.

We have also made Lilac, coconut lime and tangarine/energy. When Scott asked us what our favorites were we all picked a different one, so hopefully that means that they're all good. Here are some great pic's of the children and how excited they all are about the soap. Trust me I was surprised at how much they all love it. Our break has so far been filled with eating reading, relaxing and we even made a quick trip to Silverdale to visit with my parents and have a second Christmas with them on Sunday and Monday. We planned on coming back on Wednesday, but decided with the pass reports to come back a day early and were so glad we did. The passes were bare and dry for us, and when we came home and checked them they were slushy, slick and snowy! Blech!
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

An Advent reminder :)

"Each day the number of requests we receive normally outnumber the time allotted for the day. My experience confirms that if I fail to attack my week with theologically informed planning, my week attacks me with an onslaught of the urgent. And I end up devoting more time to the urgent than the important.

And at the end of the week there is a low-grade guilt and dissatisfaction in my soul, because I’ve neglected to do the truly important stuff. I want to have as few weeks like this as possible in whatever time remains for me to serve the Savior. I’m thinking you do as well."
~ CJ Mahaney taken from his blog

This quote struck me particularly because of the directness of it. How much of your day is consumed with the urgent and not with what you sat down and specifically planned out to do and to accomplish for the day, week, year? Why? Why is it so hard to just say, "No, I can't do that I have only a short amount of time in my life and I have to devote it to the work that I have planned and prayed out to do." Why is that guilt even there? Planning is a crucial and vital part to our days. Scott and I have begun to realize how much more we get done, and how much more unified we are but just simply sitting down and planning out our days in the morning before the children get up and we are in the river again. It gives us the lifeline we need to get where we need to go and the map to get there quickly.

For the longest time I mocked and scoffed at the idea of a meal plan, especially those that spanned longer than a week at a time. I felt like they were compartmentalizing their time tooo much and not allowing for any creativity in the realm of cooking (which I love). Consequently my life was consumed in the evenings with what we were going to have for dinner and making sure I had on hand what I would need for any meal I felt the desire to create when the muse descended. This was making me crazy and grumpy and costing us more than the allotted food budget. So one day I decided to try a meal plan, and in my usual fashion I jumped in with both feet and made a 6-week meal plan. I have been so happy with the peace and ease it has given me. This area is now one that I consider a no-brainer, meal plans are definitely much easier. I have figured out meal plans around the rigors of mock trial season, Christmas, our Easter liturgy and our daily evening schedule. It has also saved us vast amounts of money on food and almost eliminated our food waste. I have been able to give my family a more well balanced diet and consequently my hubby who was on the verge of teetering off the high end of the Triglyceride and cholesterol scale is now on the low end of normal and doing great. My point is that even in this small area God is blessing me richly by my planning and prayer and I know that He intends greater blessings to come.

During the Christmas season and specifically this time of Advent leading up to Christmas when we are all doing our shopping for Christmas presents how could this not be more relevant? What are you buying for your children and why? Have you been sucked in to buy that *new* great thing that you saw at Target thinking they would just LOVE it? Or did you sit down with you hubby and DECIDE what to buy before you even set out? Will you tree be chocked full with a bunch of little gifts that you hope they like and will use for longer than a week, or did you consider them and what one thing they will truly use and love and remember? Were you struck with the urgent desire to buy that great thing that you saw that will just end up as next summer's garage sale fodder? I remember a few years back those ugly Furby's, now honestly. What about the Tickle Me Elmo? Who really bought that because they saw the joy and peace it would bring to the aroma of their home? This is a case of being sucked in to the fads of the day and not planning.

The day is only 24 hours long, and the week 7 days, and the month around 30, and the year a mere 365 days. Yet, each one of us has a task to complete within that time span. Not all of the request on our time are for us. Every day I am asked to do numerous things that are all good and wonderful, but that doesn't mean that I should do all of them. There are things that I just do not need to accomplish. There are so many patients and only so many doctors. Should they feel guilty because they can't possibly see them all? No, that would be foolish and a waste of time. They should be thankful for the ones that are brought to them and work hard to help them completely. There are so many great books and yet impossible to read them all. Should we give up? NO! Read away! But that is why we need to prayerfully consider and plan our days out and not get swept away and waste the life that God has given us. We have many opportunities here to do and to learn many things to teach our children and to provided for others to teach them. I have an aunt that had 5 boys. Each of them was athletic. None of them are professional athletes, but all are hard workers and have accomplished a lot (even though the oldest one is a youngish 33). My aunt and uncle saw that sports would help them teach diligence and hard work, their goal was not to raise a football star or another Michael Phelps. The sports were tools and decisions to put them in were made after debating their usefulness to the larger goal at hand.

My hubby and I always shake out heads when we hear someone say that one of their children was an accident. How could that happen? Are they so completely unaware of the cause of pregnancy? No, they are living a live completely unplanned and unthoughtout, and because of their lifestyle they have once again been caught staring into the headlights of their life, coming at them like a semi.

Make prayerful decisions and do not be swept away with wasted days filled with the urgent. Enjoy your life and bless those around you. Make schedules and plans, but use them as your tools, do not be brought under their weight and domination. They are your servants you are not theirs. You are Christ's and His burden is LIGHT. Now go do the important things and go to sleep tonight satisfied in your soul and not feeling guilty in the slightest.

Advent Day 8

Today was Mia's turn to open the Advent box and so tonight we are planning to sit down together and decorate our otherwise bare windows and make snowflakes as a family. It should be interesting, knowing our family. Yesterday we sat down as a family and watched Bless Your Beautiful Hide from the Seven Brides for Seven Brothers movie in Italian. The children got a real kick out of it and Scott and I are linguistic nerds so we loved it. The verse of the day is:

"Now the birth of Jesus Christ WAS as follows: AfterHis mother Mary was betrothed to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the Holy Spirit. Then Joseph her husband, being a just man, and not wanting to make he a public example, was minded to put her away secretly. But while he though about these things, behold, and angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream, saying, "Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take to you Mary your wife, for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit. And she will brign forth a son, and you shall call His name JESUS, for He will save His people form their sins." ~Matther 1:18-21

And I am so thankful that the angel was sent and Joseph did not put her away secretly.
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Monday, December 7, 2009

Bring on Advent!

We have been enjoying a lot of Advent fun around here. Scott and the children and I have been opening a small ring sized box every morning and inside is a scroll that says:

Happy Advent Welches!
Read: the verse of the day here
Today we are going to: (fill in fun activity) as a family!

The children are alternating who's turn it is to open a box (Emma made a master list just in case anyone forgets. Like that's going to happen!). They are loving it!! They come down to a small chocolate sitting on their breakfast plate, making it easy for them to really get into.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hot New Ride

You don't want to mess with this.
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Friday, November 6, 2009

Welcome FALL!

Your sweet apple dipped voice
beckons the leaves from the trees
and sswirls them down the streets
as they sway to and fro
like a small quite ballroom.
We are the spectators
until you grab us and swing us around
by the tips of our hair
Hello to thick tights!
Hello to long skirts!
Hello to Warm sweaters!
Hello to LOOOOG scarves!
Welcome back Fall *

Dancing pink eraser in action

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Ty to Nadia while taking a tubbie :

"You are a dancing pink eraser!"

Monday, November 2, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

When you're BFF . . .

Lately the conversation regarding friendship has been resounding in our home. At the dinner table, at breakfast, during car rides and at all points in between. We have been talking about it's minutest detail and all of the glories held within the simple word "friend". The children have friends from school and friends from church and their siblings of course that they consider friends, "but who is my BEST FRIEND!?" they ask, desperate to know. In a way we don't know who our best friends will be during our lifetime, though with out a doubt we can have
faith and rest assured that our one true FRIEND is and always will be Jesus. The one we can know understands what we are REALLY going through and who can actually help us. WE can call on Him any time and he will always hear us and give us true comfort in the Comforter. We may wonder if he hears us at times, but never can we doubt the truth , which is that without a doubt He does. We watched a video last night depicting the Crucifixion, Christ's death and Resurrection that really brought it home to all of us. Mia kept saying, "It just isn't fair that he would have to go through all of that for me. When he didn't sin at all." Nolen said, "He could have called down a legion of angels to destroy his enemies, or the mountains to crash down around him killing them all, or had the earth open up and swallow them all instantly, but he CHOSE not to because he wanted to die for us and wanted it to be on purpose. Scott reminded them that it wasn't the nails that kept our savoir on the cross, but it was His will alone.
What a grorious prospect! We are saved not by our own work or by an accident or by a GOD who could have been thwarted, but by a REAL and INTENTIONAL deed that was accomplished and has had immediate and far reaching consequences spanning through generations. Praise God for all of his blessings to us and for showing us all of this real time with the shadow which is friendship.
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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Titus special Bread

I had to sneak a pic of our two trampolines on the night of Nadia's birthday party. Even under cover of darkness they still were bouncing like crazy!

I have lately learned that Ty is a man in need of a mission. I am in two separate bible studies one on Wednesday morning and one on Thursday morning. During the one on Wednesday he is in childcare and plays the whole time with his buddies and during the one on Thursday he is in a structured bible study as well. I learned in the first week taht he THRIVES on structure. He is not the same child on Thursday as Wednesday. He is happier and has far less issues wherein his sin oozes from his little body. So, in response to this I have decided that he is the one responsible to make the bread for our family. He LOVES it. If he's playing outside and I tell him it's time to make Titus' special bread he sprints in at breakneck speed. Here he is proudly displaying the finished product.

Here he is sniffing . . . mmmmmmmmm!

Here is the master baker rewarded with the love and thanks of his family. Little Nadia cannot contain herself most of the time and we will find a corner ripped off and stuffed into those cute chubby cheaks. Poor Ty. We have had to reassure him many times that it was made to be eaten, and little Na is so excited to be the first one to try. She loves that big bubba! So do we all!
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hey Y'all!

This week was really fun, dispite being sick that is. The weather was beautiful and not the least bit fallesque. Routine! Ahh Blessed routine! Every summer I think how glad I am to have some freedom and ease. Then when the Fall rolls around again I realize how I need the routine of knowing what's around the corner. The dreaded "O" word has become my friend and I now strive for organization and thrive with it. It has become like Miracle Grow addinng richness and life to my day rather than pusing me into a box and draining my creativity. Organization with a dash of maturity = a happy me.

Hubby and I were up by 5:45 every day and the children were up with lunches made and cheerful, sleepy faces by 6:30 ready for breakfast. They finished up, got dressed in uniforms and hit the ground running. Backpacks on and out by 7:15 leaving Ty, Nadia and I to clean up the breakfast dishes and tidy up the rooms. Laundry has been easy since we have been working it into our early morning routines and then the children put it away when they get home.

We have had
** the first day of School! That went really well.
** the first day of Choir for Emma, Mia and Ty. They all were smiling and happy and are ready for day 2
** Nolen's first home game, He was tackling like crazy and was happy with the results. No injuries!!
** Emma and Mia's first day of harp for the 2009-2010 school year. I was surprised at how mature Emma had gotten through the summer. She is geared up and ready for a great year
**The first day of BSF for Ty, Nadia and I. The cutest thing that happened was Ty's first meeting with his teacher Mrs. Eagle. We had been telling Ty and Nadia how much we liked their teachers for a few days. So when he first saw he I bent down and said, " Ty, that's Mrs Eagle. " He got a huge smile on his face and fan to her saying "Mrs. Eagle!! Mrs. Eagle!! I love you." and gave her a HUGE hug.

All is off and running rather smoothly. We will definately have bumps in the road this year, we always do, but hopefully we will deal with them with wisdom and joy as a busy and organized family.
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Friday, September 18, 2009

Time together is so good for us

Hubby and I had so much fun on our break together I thought you should see the difference. We were lovin it.

I married a handsome man!!
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Just in case I try to deny it (because I hate, with a passion being sick) I have been examined and pronounced unwell. I have tonsillitis and the Dr. winced when he looked into my mouth to check my huge throbbing throat. They are red and swollen and miserable. I am on some major antibiotics not the wimpy stuff, I'm talkin' the 5 day jobbers here (insert singing from angel choir *here*) and he said that I should feel better by tomorrow. Praise GOD!!! The trip to the pharmacy is not going to be on the "best moments of my life" hi light reel, so let me tell you. I walked in determined not to cry. Do you see where this is going? Walked confidently up to the counter and begged the pharmacy tech to RUSH my prescription and to notify me over the loud speaker when it was done. All in almost a whisper and holding my throat. We went straight to the starbucks counter and ( because I decided I was most certainly being picked on) ordered a pumpkin spice latte for me (GRANDE) and a vanilla bean frappaccino split in half with whipped cream, carmel drizzle and chocolate sprinkles for Ty and Nadia. They called my name and I paid for my prescriptions and plead with the pharmacist to give me some ideas on how to keep this from infecting my children, took my meds (choral music *Here* once again) right there on the spot (so, who cares if he felt awkward, I was miserable!!!) and left for home where we sipped our drinks and listened to a Horse and His Boy. Did I mention all the while trying not to cry because the 600mg of Ibuprofen was not even touching the pain in my throat?
We sat down to watch the Mickey mouse 3 musketeers and then lunch and naps all before 11am. I am hoping they will sleep for a while so I can rest, but we'll see. I am praying for a good day tomorrow since I won't be contageous any more (Praise the Lord for that good after 24 hours of antibiotics rule!!) and I was told by not only the dr. but the pharmacist that I would feel well. Yes, I know I'm being repiticious, but I'm banking on feeling good by tomorrow. We don't trust in chariots, horses or antibiotics, but a good God who loves us and gives us means to kill the effects of the fall and the serpent! To God be the glory!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Everything all at once

Today is Update day!!!!

We have had a very busy and fun summer. We are oficially done with what we fondly refer to as our inadvertant re-model. Our basement looks amazing and our upstairs is now bright and sunny and beautiful.

Ty's 4th birthday was a blast and we all had so much fun!!! The day before we took the children and hiked up Blueberry Hill and plopped ourselves down under a blueberry bush and tried as hard as we could to eat ourselves out from under it. Luved it. The next day we packed our towels and a picnic and went up to Ty's favorite place in the world, the Quincy waterslides and were in the water all day. Very fun and relaxing.

My wonderful hubby was then down to only 3 weeks to prep for school, but surprised me with a break and we left our children with our very own Charis Bloander and he swooped me away for 2 nights and 3 glorious days to Coeur d'Alene. We were able to say out late and still catch up on our sleep since we didn't have to wake up with anyone at night! We walked so much and went to Thrift store and antique stores and treasure hunted. He took me out to an amazing restaurant called The Cedars. It floats on the lake and that day there was a Rainbow (*awwww*) and we had the most romantic table where we could see the whole lake. We swam in the pool every night and went for coffee at Starbucks every morning, shared all our meals and weren't in a rush to get anything done or go anywhere. This was a rare glimpse of glory, trust me.

When we got home we hit the ground running with football practice every night, and Scott coaching. Games every Saturday WooHaw!! Yes, my crock pot is gettin' some use.

Next was Nadia's 2nd birthday. It was so fun, and I realized how much my little girl has grown up. Literally and figuratively. She has been growing an inch a month and has been trying to do everything herself. She is a busy little bee. She is the first awake every morning and ready for every one to wake up, too. She goes around and searches for playmates. This is when she and Emma have some sweet fellowship together snuggling while they talk or sing psalms or Emma reads to her. We had the Byingtons and Madsons over and it was a crowd! It's so nice to have friends with big families, too. All the children had fun especially Nadia and the dancing! Wooooo! When these kids get older we are going to have some great swing dances in the backyard.

Now Nolen, Emma and Mia are back in school. They packed lunches, rechecked supplies and laid out their uniforms the day before and can you believe it!!! They were out the door by 7am!! after breakfast kisses and "wait, just one more picture!!" by me. Ty and Nadia had a rough start after everyone left but things smoothed out and now they are resting before we go pick up the big kids. The three of us cleaned the house, did laundry, paid bills, went to the bank, returned movies and went to Costco and Safeway ALL before lunch and they were cheerful! They even got to bless the socks off some grandmas and grandpas in the process. We have meatballs in the crock pot simmering with orange sauce just beggin for rice and a salad. This is also Titus first day of wee prep choir, Mia's first day of lil' prep choir and Emma's first day of girls prep choir. Football practice and a late dinner are at hand, but at least I know they will be warm and I won't be scrambling. AND that ladies makes a happy mommy :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A pause in the midst of uploading florida photo's

Well, I was hoping to post some Florida photo's, but I am needing to update you all on our little house. When we got back from Florida we had the last problem with out washer and the realization that we had a collapsed pipe under our house. Not a quiet little collapsed pipe, but a flooding, tear up the carpet and basement floor type of collapsed pipe. The little ones (Mia, Ty and Nadia) and I are in Silverdale until either Friday or Saturday hoping that there are enough of the BIG projects done for us to come home without them getting injured. Within an hour of the carpet being torn up all three of them had puncture wounds from the tack strips.
So, the four us us left for Silerdale and Scott, Nolen and Emma stayed so Scott could stay and head up the remodel project and the kiddo's could go to the art and music VBS they signed up for. They are all having a great time and Scott is getting a LOT accomplished.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Puddle in the Pines

We were strongly encouraged to visit this great spash park about 20 minutes away from Homosassa in the town of Inverness (they have a super Walmart!) called The Puddle in the Pines. It is so far hidden in the park that if you weren't sure it was there, trust me , you wouldn't just stumble upon it.
Here is a picture of Nolen and Ty loving the water cannon. Notice that the Puddle is fully fenced a great benefit when you have little ones like Nadia who get distracted easily :)
Posted by PicasaHere it is looking in. To the right is a covered picnic area and to the left is a huge play area with 3 play structures and lots of soft sugar sand. Brilliant in a children's play area. Our kids could have played there all day. We wanted to pack this one up and take it with us. Thank you Lynn Bressen for the awesome idea!!! You Rock!

Loving the 2010 Toyota Siena

We rented this awesome Siena for our time here and will definately be sad to leave it in Florida.

It IS light blue but more an iridescent sky blue than a baby blue. And it is so big inside. We all have plenty of room and everything is fully loaded and automatic. Very nice.
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Splash Time!

Well, our time here is almost up and I haven't been blogging like I had intended, so I'm going to do one intense session right now to catch you all up on our Florida adventure. Ou days have been filled with lost of hot humid days which are perfect for anything water related like Slip and Sliding.

Especially slip-n-sliding with popcicle's!!! The back of my mother-in-law's house is in the back ground.

Here's Ty Making sure to get the last few drops from the Otter pop. Loving it.
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We're Here!!!!

We have officially arrived, and are comfortably situated in our Florida home for the month. Here is a picture of the play house that Scott's mom set up for the children. Trust me it's cooler than it looks :). Se set it up like a little house inside complete with cofffee table and little bed. Love it. The girls have taken to bringing Sharon's 2 pups in and calling them their boys. they take snacks in there and water in a coffee carafe. Too cute!!

Here is a picture of Ty and Nadia with their grandma, snuggling.

Here's the inagural fishing trip on Papaw's boat. Can't you just FEEL the anticipation!?!??! They look sooo old to me. They had a blast and we ate LOTS of fish that night. it was so good and extremely fresh.
I am hopefully going to post about the house and the PUDDLE. One note about the heat. It is blazing hot. Let's put it this way, the heat index goes up to 10 and right now it's at 12. YIKES!!!! We are dealing with it really well, the children are sweaty and happy . . . Bliss.
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beach Time!!!!

Here in Wenatchee we have some great beaches. Well. as far as river beaches go and as far as small quite family get away's go :)
Nadia wanted to know if she could go and join in the fun.

This pic of Ty reminds me of the story The Quiltmakers Gift. The old woman in the story is placed on a small island to die, but is rescued by starlings who she repay's with small purple shawl's made from her own vest. Bright royal blue rashgurads probably won't keep the little starlings too warm. Sorry, Ty!

Here are the children immediately following their 5 minute warning. This is so classic Welch. We want to enjoy every drop of fun especially if we know we are leaving in the near future :)

And, last but not least I had to get a picture of my hunky hubby once again on my BLOG. Every once in a while even a respectable BLOG needs eye candy. Wooo Ha!
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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More chick pic's

Here is Emma in total BLISS. She looks forward to this almost more than everyone else. She holds them and loves then and then we basically give her her own bottle of hand sanitizer :)

This is such a funny picture because right after it was taken Mia screamed and threw the fluffy little chick back intothe bin. She was so scared that one of them would bite her. Too funny.

Her is a group shot of everyone enjoying the day! Vive les CHICKS!!!
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