Thursday, March 26, 2009

Life at light speed

Yesterday was one of those days that went well . . . in the morning. Woke up, made muffins, so far so good. Kids off to school kiss hubby. Great! How long before we have to leave for bible study? Well, we may as well go even though we have so much time, we'll take the scenic route and then do some major pre-teaching before we get there.
After school, though . . . I was expecting hubby to bring the 2 oldest home, but with in the bounds of Mock Trial week things change and life can unexpectedly get slapped into another demention. So I woke up Ty and Nadia from naps at 2:30, and carried them crying to the car . . . that wouldn't start. Scott was in the throws of practice, so I had to ask our neighbor (who was fortunately home) if he would be able to help me start our car, and do you know how to use jumper cables!?!? Because I don't. ergh!! Yes?! Oh GOOD. The car started and we were off to get Nolen and Emma. We got to school and as Ty was rolling the window down to tell Nolen we had to leave it broke (WOULD NOT ROLL UP). Did I mention that we are driving over the passes on Friday? TODAY? And they were closed because of avalanche control yesterday? And it's snowing like crazy? Scott couldn't fix it, so we took off for the dealership, almost forgot Mia who was in the bathroom. Seriously. Noone even noticed she wasn't in the car with all of the hubbub, fortunately she popped out of the school just as we were pulling out. Then it started to rain (of course). Driving to the dealership Nolen and I answered the question "Why can't we roll the window up? I'm cold." Seriously about a million times, and I kid you not the dealership is maybe 10 minutes from the school. When we got there the gal behind the desk quoted me at $48 just to check it. Then the children and I piled into the waiting room and I have no idea what was on the TV, but it wasn't even suitable in a bar! In downtown Bremerton. AT NIGHT! Panicked I tried to get the children to look at the receptionist while she fumbled for the remote and landed on the disney channel. Which though fine in the morning is full of selfish disobedient tween's in the afternoon, ugh. Then she gave the children popcorn. Titus filled up water cups and set them single file for all of us on the window sill. Nadia pooped and I had no diapers. As you remember I was just planning a quick trip to pick up the children and bring them home. So I called my dear friend Michelle (master sock finder extrordinaire) and she drove over so I could change Nadia before she got a diaper rash. They finished the window and we got home at 4:30. Only $160 poorer. Ugh.
What was it the Gandalf told Bilbo about all of that dangers that could happen to you by merely stepping foot out of the front door? Everyone went outside to play and I fixed dinner. When Scott got home at 7:30 we all looked at him like he just stepped foot off Mars! What are you doing home, we though you wouldn't be home till late? It is late, it's 7:30. Eek. He went up to tell the little ones a story, and half way through the story of Troy (they were staring at him with blank stares and I think I heard crickets in the background) he switched gears to prince Titus and the princesses Nadia and Mia who were soo beautiful and needed to be rescued. Prince Titus rode his milk white steed, etc... and the day ended well. We tried to stay up and watch Americal Idol (Go Danny!!) but I fell asleep. C'est la vie. This was a weird day, BUT God is good and it all ended on an up note. If you would like to see our *NEW * window button, viewings will be daily by appointment only and I promise to give you a good deal :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Goin' to grammma's house!!!

A couple weeks ago we went to my parents house in the woods and had a belated Christmas. As you can tell frpm these pic's our kiddo's were THRILLED, and as you can also tell if you peek into the background of this one, it was a white Christmas in February.

We stopped at our favorite latte stand and while we sipped our coffee to Silverdale, the children enjoyed their suckers. Notice Nadia with stick only, "where's the sucker?". On Tuesdays before choir our rally cry is "One .99 cent lattee and 6 suckers, please!" . The children couldn't be more happy. Ahh to be a kid again. . .

Here's Nadia. I wish this BLOG had sound effects. You would hear cute baby happiness and snorting, along with much bouncing and joyfulness everytime she got into this car. My parents have had this car since my sis was born, and it has been through all of my children racing it around (and around!!!) their house. Love it.

And, here is my mom. Such a fun and loving grandma and a wonderful and helpful mom. She is someone that I will always ask for advice because I know that in every situation she always wants what's best for me even if it's a tough call on her part. But on the other side she always thinks the best of me and encourages me to not lose heart! She is my biggest fan and cheerleader and I am so thankful for her!!!
God was so good to give me such a beautiful and kind mom!
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