Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Puddle in the Pines

We were strongly encouraged to visit this great spash park about 20 minutes away from Homosassa in the town of Inverness (they have a super Walmart!) called The Puddle in the Pines. It is so far hidden in the park that if you weren't sure it was there, trust me , you wouldn't just stumble upon it.
Here is a picture of Nolen and Ty loving the water cannon. Notice that the Puddle is fully fenced a great benefit when you have little ones like Nadia who get distracted easily :)
Posted by PicasaHere it is looking in. To the right is a covered picnic area and to the left is a huge play area with 3 play structures and lots of soft sugar sand. Brilliant in a children's play area. Our kids could have played there all day. We wanted to pack this one up and take it with us. Thank you Lynn Bressen for the awesome idea!!! You Rock!


travelmom said...

Hi Jen and family! It sounds like you are having a fabulous time in sunny Florida. I am getting ready to head over to Annette's for Natali's shower - we will miss you there. Looking forward to catching up w/ you when you return.


Michelle said...

Jen that looks like a really fun park!! I am glad you guys are having a good time. Miss you a lot, see you soon.

Corey said...

Hey Welch Clan,

Looking forward to having you back in Wenatchee. Looks like you're having a lot of fun down there.
See you soon.

The Mcecks

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