Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hearts and Mouths

The Heart and the Mouth.

The connection between these can be no more obvious than with children. They are living proof that what you love is what you talk about and they know it. As adults we can go on and on about something and in the end deny completely that we even like something remotely. Now how is that? Simply we deceive ourselves.
Who or what do you talk about? Are you telling your friends how much you love your husband and children? Are you consumed with the Word of God? Are you stuck in a rut because all you can think to talk about is Christ and his grace to you? Or do all of your friends know your hubby's dirty little secrets? Do they wonder when the last time you read your Bible is? But are afraid to ask? What would you say? Do they know that your children have embarrassing medical problems, but not that your son got all A honor roll or recited all 10 commandment from memory in front of your family JUST LAST NIGHT?!
I only ask because we can't allow ourselves to be taught by the world how to speak. When Christ spoke to his people he proclaimed truth followed closely behind by grace. And not in a Queen Latifa in your face way. The world tells us to say it like it is, but even then with 'tude.
When your children spill their juice at the table this is the best time to show them how their people react. How to brush your teeth, small circles at the gum line. How to react to spilled juice, calmly with grace and wet wash cloths.
Are you surprised when your children yell at each other if a Lego masterpiece is broken? Have you ever wondered how they could mimic you so well?
Shepherding our children takes patience, grace and more patience mixed with wisdom and bathed in prayer and intense Bible reading. The shepherd knows not only what his sheep need to survive, but also what they like. To they have a favorite type of grass or do you stand over them and tap your foot if they do not eat that patch RIGHT THERE!! Are you willing to carry the lambs if they get tired or do you make them walk till their feet bleed?
I am amazed at how a calm reaction easily defuses a potential catastrophe. One of our children was having a pillow fight with some friends and her earring fell out. She was on the last few weeks of her starter earrings so the reaction started out at a high pitch. My husband looked at me with the, "watch what you do here." look and after a deep breath I said," Oh! That's fine. You can borrow a pair of mine tonight and tomorrow I will go to the store and find a new special pair for you." This peaked her interest, and instantly threw 25 gallons of water on that spark that could have taken out a small village! She was happy the rest of the way home and the next day had even forgotten about the promised *new* earrings all together (I seriously could not believe it). What a blessing to be able to calm a little one down with my peaceful voice and easy words!
God is so good to put our children in our homes where we can tenderly care for them from the womb to young adulthood. There are so many among us that despise even that grace. I heard to day that it can get as high as 1 in every 4 women commits an abortion. I am so happy to have my little ones safely around me instead of in another home where even the chance or survival is nil. Whay does this say about what is in their hearts?