Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Well there has been so much going on here and still more to happen, that I though this would be a great time to catch y'all up :)

We have officially had the last day of school for the year (yea!!) and it was filled with parties and cookies and presents and all sorts of festivities. Titus had his birthday party for Jesus where he decorated cupcakes and blew out unlit candles (he is 5 after all).

Mia spent her last day painting (she was thrilled) and decorating cookies and having a wonderful last day with all her friends.

Emma watched a movie and decorated cookies and had fun with her dear friends one last time :(

Nolen ate cookies and got to have his little sis sit in class with him for awhile, thus convincing her to skip pre-k through 4th grade to go straight into Mrs. DeJongs 5th grade class. The littlest 5th grader, as we like to call her. She has Nolen and all the other 10 and 11 year -old boys wrapped around her pinky finger.

Scott had a great day and came home unable to see through all the gift bags and stuffed with all the end of the year fare. He spent the rest of the day Christmas shopping and helping to get the food gathered together for our church Christmas celebration on Sunday.

I went to class parties, subbed in Scott's class the last hour of the day, finished up most of our Christmas shopping and wrapping and took Titus to the wedding rehearsal where he is the ring-bear.

Can't wait for tomorrow :)