Saturday, April 25, 2009

Just like bubba

On day I found this at the back door. She does look so proud of herself doesn't she? She wanted to be just like Ty, her big bubba. It's an interesting thing. She loves what he loves and no matter how wacky it looks, if bubba wears it she wants to wear it. How much more should we be like Christ? He came to earth and preached a lighter load and sacrifice and for us to be like Him. Joyfully.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter fun ~ Welch style

Well, when my girls see the sun peeking out through the clouds they think warm and then . . . they think swimsuits. That does sound a bit mild for what actually happens. They scream for joy, sprint up the stairs two at a time and fling their clothes on the floor and grab the nearest suit. How could you resist joining in if you were a little girl, too? Well on Easter we had our GREAT friends the Byington's over and at the first sun break Emma and her friend Alexis came out in this ~ acting goofy. All of the children and the Byington girls had so much fun and really , I did have TONS of Blog worthy pictures, but these were by far the funnest ones and the ones that de-bunnified the day.

Easter moring we left here for our church's 9am brunch Nolen and Ty in their slacks and tie's and the girls fully Spring-y in their beautiful dresses and got home around 1:30. When the Byington's got here it was full speed ahead and they skated and played and ATE all day and by the time the Bible was read and the psalms were sung we saw this on the couch. It was so cute. It took Michelle, Scott and I to get the girls out to the car since there was no waking them up. I found myself heaving a huge sigh of relief after they left, since it was this time last year that we found out about Emma's heart condition and subsequent surgery. I was thrilled to have Easter over and this year with out a *glitch*. Just lots of Joy at our renewed thankfulness for our Savior who died for our sins.
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Friday, April 10, 2009

Not in your wildest dreams

My dear BLOG readers, I know that you are hoping that I will post a pic of all of our worldly possessions lounging in our back yard, but . .. no. Not happening. I didn't even take a picture. You guys are great, and I love you ((hug)). But not that much. I will however post a pic (maybe)of the end result. A clean and happy backyard with smiling kiddo's and no CLUTTER. Just a soon as I can. Hope you all have a great Easter!!! For now Nolen in his River Regents hoodie. Yes, he makes it looks that good :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Snappy NEW look

I thought it was time for an update to my look. What do you think? As I looked outside at my children in their swimsuits and my hubby out there with his electric saw makin' stuff I though it was about time. We are officially on Break!!!! And to start it off right m hubby was up at 5:30am and off to town by 8am to get supplies to begin the project list. No, he is not a sleeper inner (I did, though, staunchly chastise him for not at least TRYING to sleep in at least a LITTLE bit!). I will try and post some pic's of the upcoming week for those interested. Right now we have a million things in our back yard and the sheds are completely cleaned out. We are gearing up for summer!! The children were begging us to turn on the sprinklers in the middle of the process so you know they have the bug.