Sunday, August 10, 2008

The final exit 2008

Here is our family leaving Blueberry hill in the wagons that they provide for plant transportation.
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Blueberry Hill 2008

Every year for the past 3 the Welch Clan has piled into the car to ride the momentous distance from the southern tip of East Wenatchee to the northern tip of Wenatchee to Blueberry Hill. This is a trip we look forward to every year. Our whole family eats (at least) our weight in blueberries adn each of us picks a pint to take home for the winter. Here is what we look like in the process. Nolen and Emma with cheaks bursting!

Titus savoring the long awaited berries.

Mia sitting comfortably underneath a blueberry bush picking it bare. Ahhh . . . but it does signal the end of summer.
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Friday, August 8, 2008

Carrying our crosses

Christ calls us, as Christians to carry our crosses every day and follow Him. Now at Hedge Parke we do not always take such passages SOOO literally, but in this case we did. Mia, Nolen and Emma are here with their crosses, built and ready for the walk.

Here they are placing them on their shoulders ready for the trek up to the designated cross placement area.

They carried them to the back of the yard for the *new* grape arbor.
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Best Friends

Our girls recently had a friend spend the night and they had so much fun with her. Why did I not get their hair cut sooner?! Summer is sweet here at the Welch house!
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