Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beach Time!!!!

Here in Wenatchee we have some great beaches. Well. as far as river beaches go and as far as small quite family get away's go :)
Nadia wanted to know if she could go and join in the fun.

This pic of Ty reminds me of the story The Quiltmakers Gift. The old woman in the story is placed on a small island to die, but is rescued by starlings who she repay's with small purple shawl's made from her own vest. Bright royal blue rashgurads probably won't keep the little starlings too warm. Sorry, Ty!

Here are the children immediately following their 5 minute warning. This is so classic Welch. We want to enjoy every drop of fun especially if we know we are leaving in the near future :)

And, last but not least I had to get a picture of my hunky hubby once again on my BLOG. Every once in a while even a respectable BLOG needs eye candy. Wooo Ha!
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Michelle said...

I love that little beach!! It is becoming not such a secret place anymore. But that little beach is nothing compared to the beach your headed to!!

Michelle said...

Hey by the way, Scott has Sat off and we have no plans for the eve...lets have diiner at the park?