Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Soapmaking Christmas

Above is the results of cutting the stuff below.
This Christmas break has been frought with much soapmaking. We have made mint chocolate swirl, seen here.

We have also made Lilac, coconut lime and tangarine/energy. When Scott asked us what our favorites were we all picked a different one, so hopefully that means that they're all good. Here are some great pic's of the children and how excited they all are about the soap. Trust me I was surprised at how much they all love it. Our break has so far been filled with eating reading, relaxing and we even made a quick trip to Silverdale to visit with my parents and have a second Christmas with them on Sunday and Monday. We planned on coming back on Wednesday, but decided with the pass reports to come back a day early and were so glad we did. The passes were bare and dry for us, and when we came home and checked them they were slushy, slick and snowy! Blech!
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