Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hmmm... not sure yet

Today is our relaxing day. We have NO plans and are trying really hard to do nothing in particular. It's difficult. We have watched movies and had breakfast and colored and talked. Perhaps we will go to the park . .. I am tempted to send the children outside to play and tromp about our newly unsnowed back yard, but we shall see. Scott is in the Tri-cities leading the River Academy Mock Trial team to victory (insert rally cry and right arm thrust high **here**) so we are with our our fearless leader today. Last night we read from The Mouse and the Motorcycle. It is one of our favorites and whenever I read it I usually end up hoarse. I'll try to post some cute pic's of the children in full swing...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day!!!

Ok, so I just noticed that I have been skipping ALL holidays on my blog. Why is that? What is my uber goal? I have none, I am not standing for SOMETHING. And yes, it was a random mistake. Were you thinking I was skipping the rest of February and jumpping right into March? no....

So to Correct it I would like to exclaim from the mountain tops.....
Happy Valentines DAY!!!
I hope you all have a great day and remember the great grace of God and his immediate and overwhelming love for all of His people. As well of the greatest and most loving gift of His son on the cross for our sins.
The children and I were commenting on the colors relating to Valentines day and how we see them. The sun glinting off the mountains in front of our house was a beautiful shade of rose while the res of the world was a light blue. The red of our blood reminds us daily of the blood of Christ and his payment on the cross.
I hope you have a great and blessed day!!!

Ode to Spring

O'Spring Where art thou?

Ty, Nadia and I attempted to go for a walk in the park yesterday. We were lured there by the beautiful green grass and the warm sun shining down on us. We only got about 50 feet into the park before we had to turn back, though. I was pushing Nadia, and holding Ty's hand, and he could NOT STAY ON HIS FEET!!!! There was still so much ice on the path that I was almost dragging poor Ty along. He would take one step and his feet would fly out from underneath him and he would exclaim, :"Woah, HEY!!!" and struggle to get a footing again only to begin another dance. He looked like he was performing some sort of radical old-school brake dance move. We gave up and went home. Not before Ty chased a gaggle of about 30 geese out of the park. They were taller than him! Hopefully we will be able to try again today. As we walked back to the house we noticed something in front of our house and in our yard it's. . .GRASS! The greeeeen kind. With blades and such. No, really. I'm telling the truth. We haven't actually sent the children out in it, yet (it is pretty slimy afterall). BUT the distinct possibility of playing in it is out there.
Yesterday morning Ty, Nadia and I went to Hurst chiropractic because my back and leg were aching. I am amazed at how God is always trying to show me how to find the bright side in everything. When we walked in Ty immediately found the big fish pond. He thought the fish were great, but inquired as to why they didn't have any dolphins . What kind of paltry establishment is this!? When we asked the receptionist about this fatal flaw she said that was the question she had been asking at staff meetings as well. After my appointment Ty got to feed them, and he consoled himself with the thought that they did look a BIT like dolphins and that would have to do. Though his parting comment to the receptionist was a plea, "Dolphins?". She said she would work on it. If anyone knows of a chiropractor in Wenatchee with dolphins in the waiting room, please tell us, Ty is on a quest.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Yesterday the kiddos stayed home from school for the day and we hope it was the one day of illness for the season. Nolen woke up with a headache and so we kept he and Emma home. They have all gotten their flu shots, so it's hard to tell if they have something or if is it just the outter rim of something that is being fought off. We shall see. In Nolen's class there were only 7 children there yesterday, so his teacher sent home an e-mail that told the parents not to worry about rushing their children back to school, but to stay home and get well. What a blessing!! Especially in a school where missing a day REALLY matters and they usually end up with a small mountain of work to get back in the following days.

Today is Bible study day and Ty is thrilled. He hasn't gotten much past observer in the study, but at home he sings the songs and is generally whirlwindish about the whole deal.

Happy first day of Lent all!! Emma is encouraging us to give up sweets, we'll see how that goes.