Tuesday, October 13, 2009

When you're BFF . . .

Lately the conversation regarding friendship has been resounding in our home. At the dinner table, at breakfast, during car rides and at all points in between. We have been talking about it's minutest detail and all of the glories held within the simple word "friend". The children have friends from school and friends from church and their siblings of course that they consider friends, "but who is my BEST FRIEND!?" they ask, desperate to know. In a way we don't know who our best friends will be during our lifetime, though with out a doubt we can have
faith and rest assured that our one true FRIEND is and always will be Jesus. The one we can know understands what we are REALLY going through and who can actually help us. WE can call on Him any time and he will always hear us and give us true comfort in the Comforter. We may wonder if he hears us at times, but never can we doubt the truth , which is that without a doubt He does. We watched a video last night depicting the Crucifixion, Christ's death and Resurrection that really brought it home to all of us. Mia kept saying, "It just isn't fair that he would have to go through all of that for me. When he didn't sin at all." Nolen said, "He could have called down a legion of angels to destroy his enemies, or the mountains to crash down around him killing them all, or had the earth open up and swallow them all instantly, but he CHOSE not to because he wanted to die for us and wanted it to be on purpose. Scott reminded them that it wasn't the nails that kept our savoir on the cross, but it was His will alone.
What a grorious prospect! We are saved not by our own work or by an accident or by a GOD who could have been thwarted, but by a REAL and INTENTIONAL deed that was accomplished and has had immediate and far reaching consequences spanning through generations. Praise God for all of his blessings to us and for showing us all of this real time with the shadow which is friendship.
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Michelle said...

Jen I love this! We have been hearing so much about friendship also and loving our neighbors. There is this big confusion between God, Jesus, siblings and our very very close friends. You truely are a wonderful devoted person. And your love for Christ shines through your words and your children. Thank you for posting this reminder that we should be focusing our childrens relationships first on the Lord then on our physical relationships. Love you!

Rachel said...

Oh my goodness I am laughing SOOO hard at the picture I can't even bring myself to read your post yet!!!!!