Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We're Here!!!!

We have officially arrived, and are comfortably situated in our Florida home for the month. Here is a picture of the play house that Scott's mom set up for the children. Trust me it's cooler than it looks :). Se set it up like a little house inside complete with cofffee table and little bed. Love it. The girls have taken to bringing Sharon's 2 pups in and calling them their boys. they take snacks in there and water in a coffee carafe. Too cute!!

Here is a picture of Ty and Nadia with their grandma, snuggling.

Here's the inagural fishing trip on Papaw's boat. Can't you just FEEL the anticipation!?!??! They look sooo old to me. They had a blast and we ate LOTS of fish that night. it was so good and extremely fresh.
I am hopefully going to post about the house and the PUDDLE. One note about the heat. It is blazing hot. Let's put it this way, the heat index goes up to 10 and right now it's at 12. YIKES!!!! We are dealing with it really well, the children are sweaty and happy . . . Bliss.
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beach Time!!!!

Here in Wenatchee we have some great beaches. Well. as far as river beaches go and as far as small quite family get away's go :)
Nadia wanted to know if she could go and join in the fun.

This pic of Ty reminds me of the story The Quiltmakers Gift. The old woman in the story is placed on a small island to die, but is rescued by starlings who she repay's with small purple shawl's made from her own vest. Bright royal blue rashgurads probably won't keep the little starlings too warm. Sorry, Ty!

Here are the children immediately following their 5 minute warning. This is so classic Welch. We want to enjoy every drop of fun especially if we know we are leaving in the near future :)

And, last but not least I had to get a picture of my hunky hubby once again on my BLOG. Every once in a while even a respectable BLOG needs eye candy. Wooo Ha!
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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More chick pic's

Here is Emma in total BLISS. She looks forward to this almost more than everyone else. She holds them and loves then and then we basically give her her own bottle of hand sanitizer :)

This is such a funny picture because right after it was taken Mia screamed and threw the fluffy little chick back intothe bin. She was so scared that one of them would bite her. Too funny.

Her is a group shot of everyone enjoying the day! Vive les CHICKS!!!
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Our favorite day in May

Sometime in May our family traditionally drives down to Ace Hardware and has a Chick of a time! The chldren from Nolen down to Nadia love to watch and hold these cute little fellas. They are so soft and fluffy. Here is Nolen fishing one of them out.

Here is Nadia and how she is most of the time. Keeping a close eye on them and ocasionally breaking out in squeels of glee.

Nolen with a chick. CUTE!!!

Ty, not sure if he's quite ready to touch one, but watching is fun, too!!
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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Finally Healthy!!!

Today marks day one of a long anticipated day where ALL of the children and Scott are healthy at once :) I have been in the pink the whole time, but who wouldn't with all of the running (mainly up and down stairs) and sun (chasing the children around the yard) and great food that I eat (since I pick it all out and make it and sometimes, more often now than when it's yuck outside, my hubby grills for us). Today we went to Rotary park. WE actually refer to this glorious place as "Sprinkler park" or "Dinosaur Park" and Nadia has started calling it "Frinkler Park" since she calls all sprinklers "frinklers" any way. On the way there I picked up some awesome beach towels from our trusty Goodwill and we were on our way. Seriously though, they ROCK! The clerk and I were waxing eloquent about how they were a piece of our country's past and we were just picturing the great times had around these very towels in the past. No Pokemon, no Princesses just a crossection of Americana... Ahhhhhh..... The children played hard and we all went out to celebrate our health and our great family. God is good.

Monday, June 1, 2009

This is why we go

We are off to Florida in 2 short weeks and we are beginning the process of planning and packing. I am so excited to go and see my grand-parents-in-law and mother-in-law and hopefully lots of cousins and aunts and uncles. We LOVE it there. Not because we are really touristy people, but because of the SHARKS!!!


And fishing with papaw in the gulf of Mexico. We are staying for a month with my mother in law and the children are down right GIDDY!! We are excited to really get involved with the church we go to (Nature Coast Community Church) especially since we love the pastor and his family :) And we can't wait to spend some time with them.

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