Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We're Here!!!!

We have officially arrived, and are comfortably situated in our Florida home for the month. Here is a picture of the play house that Scott's mom set up for the children. Trust me it's cooler than it looks :). Se set it up like a little house inside complete with cofffee table and little bed. Love it. The girls have taken to bringing Sharon's 2 pups in and calling them their boys. they take snacks in there and water in a coffee carafe. Too cute!!

Here is a picture of Ty and Nadia with their grandma, snuggling.

Here's the inagural fishing trip on Papaw's boat. Can't you just FEEL the anticipation!?!??! They look sooo old to me. They had a blast and we ate LOTS of fish that night. it was so good and extremely fresh.
I am hopefully going to post about the house and the PUDDLE. One note about the heat. It is blazing hot. Let's put it this way, the heat index goes up to 10 and right now it's at 12. YIKES!!!! We are dealing with it really well, the children are sweaty and happy . . . Bliss.
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Michelle said...

Jen, so happy to see the kiddos. Glad your having a good time. I love the pic of Nolen and Emma. Your right, they look so so old. Tell Sharon hello for me. Keep us updated~Michelle