Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A pause in the midst of uploading florida photo's

Well, I was hoping to post some Florida photo's, but I am needing to update you all on our little house. When we got back from Florida we had the last problem with out washer and the realization that we had a collapsed pipe under our house. Not a quiet little collapsed pipe, but a flooding, tear up the carpet and basement floor type of collapsed pipe. The little ones (Mia, Ty and Nadia) and I are in Silverdale until either Friday or Saturday hoping that there are enough of the BIG projects done for us to come home without them getting injured. Within an hour of the carpet being torn up all three of them had puncture wounds from the tack strips.
So, the four us us left for Silerdale and Scott, Nolen and Emma stayed so Scott could stay and head up the remodel project and the kiddo's could go to the art and music VBS they signed up for. They are all having a great time and Scott is getting a LOT accomplished.