Friday, February 12, 2010

Pre-Valentines date

Hubby and I went out with some wonderful and hilarious friends last weekend and had so much fun. Scott and Corey solved all the worlds problems (and in one night, too!) and Noelle and I shopped :) I came away with a book by Thomas a Kempis (SIGH), it had to be a book, right? It is great, a bit too convicing and evcouraging to be bought on a date night, but oh well. We went up to Leavenworth and had dinner at Visconti's. It was really relaxing, and I found myself wondering how much we were missing out on by not inviting more of our friends out on double dates with us .. .
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Nancy Wilson said...

Hi Jen,
Your family is so big and beautiful --makes me realize how long it's been. Blessings on all your date nights in the future!

Corey said...

it looks like i have a tumor

Corey said...

oh yeah - and we had a wonderful evening,too!