Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Can't wait for these days!

Nolen and Mia at our favorite spot in Wenatchee. Pleanty for sand soft grass, water and a beautiful view of East Wenatchee across the river :)
Mr. Ty puffed up and feelin' manly

Emma is trying to grow her hair out, but amybe I can convince her to get it this short again. I just love little girls with cute pixie cuts :)

The weather is finally moving out of the realm of freezing and into nice yet untrustworthy. Last week it rained like there was no tomorrow, then it warmed up the sun cam out and it was one of the best days we've had in a long time. It did snow on Easter, but only a few flakes that didn't stick. Fleeces with Easter dresses?! Wrong . . .

I have been reading a great book on the Christian home and making it a place of respit and repose for your family as well as a ministry tool to your friends and neighborhood. Some of my favorite parts so far:

p.8 ". . .can't (our homes) be places where our children feel as though they're in another world where dreams and hard facts are celebrated? Who wants to be normal? Everyone else is normal. This knid of different is good."

p.9 " The hour glass has been upended. You have one chance at this... the message here is not shame and blame. But it is urgency. Focus. Purposefulness. Intentionality. Care.

p. 10 In a grace-filled Christian home there is salvation. There is frogiveness. There is hope. Genuine happiness. There is purpose there. Powere there - for parents as well as children. This kind of grace affects everything that goes on inside this home.

p. 15 "Culture friendly" can't be on our family's priority list. That builds nothing in our homes and takes us nowhere. "Different" schould be on that list.

p. 53 The most important people in your world come through thah door and when they 're inside your home, it's your job to surround them with love.

p.56 And remember you goal as a parent isn't perfection. It's transparency.

p.63 This parenting thing is serious business, and there's no one on Earth in a better position - or better qualified than you nad me to do it right.
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Jen said...

What book? Sounds great!

Family Circus 6 said...

That does sound like a great book! I have one I've been meaning to on the list! It's The Most Important Place on Earth. Wish I had more time to read....