Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sickness banned!

The last couple of days my hubby and (yesterday) son Nolen were home sick and I think I am all done with that! I am ready for SPRING and the sun that comes with it. Hubby is on the mend and Nolen went to school today bounding out the door. When 10 year olds recover they RECOVER!!
On a slightly different note . . .
We watched the sermon that Mark Driscol preached on his fact finding trip to Haiti. It was amazing. If you get a chance to watch it you should. There are video clips and pictures that he and his team took while down there. Their goal was to find out what other churches could do to help the church at large down in Haiti. Almost every church in the epicenter is in ruins as well as numerous hospitals, schools and seminary's. He told of a man that was teaching during the first wave of the quake in a multi story building. He told his class and his wife to wait inside while he went outside to find out what was happening. As soon as he got out of the building it collapsed entirely. He then (knowing that his wife had just been killed) ran home to see if his 4 boys were safe. Arriving home he found them safely standing outside waiting for him. When Mark's team found him he was surrounded by his small boys one in his arms with a big smile on his face. He had just come from burying his wife. When they asked how he could possibly have any joy at all he said, "By God's grace. My joy is in Christ." WOW.

Here is the U Tube site for the sermon 32 hours in Haiti

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