Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mia, Ty and Nadia

Mia Elaine at her BEST!
Sweet Nadia
She just loves this kitty shirt. It looks a lot better outside in this picture then it does in reality. She loves to stand on the window bench and look out the window for puppies at the park across the street. When she actually see's one she gets REALLY excited :)
Here's Ty with his Big Thumbs Up (or BTU as Scott calls it.)
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Our 2010 started out pretty slow. We have been really healthy (except for a few sick days for hubby) and have been deep in the trenches of Mock Trial season. This simply put means we don't see Scott as much, and I spend a lot more time at the school picking the children up.
Nadia and Ty have become such great buddies lately and can't bare to be separated. Each Wednesday and Thursday morning we go to a bible study and afterwards when I pick them up from their classes it's like a big family reunion! With shouts of, " Titus!!" and "Nadia!! I missed you!!". You'd think they never saw each other, rather that just a mere 2 hour separation. It honestly brings tears of joy to my eyes every time. It really is nice to know that your children really do love each other :)
Nolen, Emma and Mia are plugging away at school. Time is here to gear up for the Elementary speech meet. So we've been choosing between poems, scriptures and fables. Emma always wants to do the poem that Nolen did last year, which she does well, but each year we try to get her to be excited about something else (to no avail). Why ruin a good thing, eh?
The top picture of Mia is so her! She is always the one to bring that spontaneous smile to our gloomy days and is always ready with the big hug to cheer you up. She will be the one volunteering to help no matter what the problem is :) Love that sweet girl!

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