Monday, February 8, 2010

Prayers of an Excellent Wife

There are few books that I would buy after knowing about them for less that a minute, and this one definitely fits within that category. I was brought to tears by some of the prayers that I read and encouraged by the small sections that I read out of the introduction. There is an explanation of why the author wrote it in the beginning that was amazing, one that shuffled the deck and landed the aces on top. The prayers are just what I was looking for for my hubby. They are precise and full. If you LOVE, respect and truly want to help your husband on the level that only prayer can then this book definitely belongs on your bedside table. You can download it for free or you can order your own copy for under $5. Mine is in the mail :)

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Michelle said...

Jen!! This book was just recomended to me the other day!