Thursday, April 8, 2010

Twins for the day :)

My dear daughters were waiting for this day for a long time :) They talked and talked about how on Easter they would be twins for the day!! Everything had to be the same, dress, sweater, tights, shoes, hair, clippies the whole nine yards. They hoped people would forget they were 2 years apart (almost exactly) and think they were twins, not be able to tell them apart. They were gorgeous and it was a sweet and joyful day. They hunted for eggs and shouted at the top of their lungs, "HE IS RISEN INDEED!". They were mixed up almost every time and they had huge smiles and knowing glances were shot back and forth to each other all morning and afternoon. I loved it, too. I always wished that I had a sister that I was so close to , who could dress the same and confuse people. I always wanted a twin, truth be told ( and curly red hair and blazing green eyes, but that's another story :). Another sweet day for the memory. God is good.

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