Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The state of your counters

cottage living kitchen by junkgarden.
There are so many wonderful things about a clean house and ESPECIALLY a clean and managed kitchen. This one is filled with all sorts of sweet treats and beautiful things that are both needed and glorious. Jars filled with coffee, beans and flour. How thorough is that? Cutting boards Espresso machine, springy towel ~ All the things needed to run a a home cheerfully with your family in mind :) What do you have on your counters? Are your counters piled high with dirty dishes or food that needs a home or papers from school or things that just need to be thrown away or put away? Mine are, and I also have the Vita-mix to think about. I love having it and would love to use it more, so I keep it out. Because, frankly if I leave it in the cabinet I will readily forget about it and then one day proclaim, "Oh! Yea, the Vita-mix!" Then It becomes a new day :) *sigh* I once heard in a sermon the preacher proclaim that the state of your room reflects the state of your heart. Then as a side thought say, " Now I know all of you stay-at-home-moms with preschoolers will want to immediately run home and clean your rooms, but this is not for you. " I can say that the state of your kitchen does reflect how you're doing. It does me. I LOVE the look of bare clean counters, but wonder why mine are always full and crum-filled. Each day is new and there is grace to start again. So I'm off to clear the counters and fill them with what will bless me as well as my family, sweet, beautiful and useful hopefully they will stay that way for longer than a day :)


Family Circus 6 said...

I love it! I look at my kitchen and want to remodel now ;) LOL...great words...! I'm inspired =)

Bethany said...

I was glad to read that your counters are crumb-filled also! Mine also consist of a few dishes occasionally, lots of papers, and plenty of crumbs. Its good to know I'm not the only one! haha
I too love the look of a clean and orderly kitchen. Occasionally I get my kitchen to that point...which it lasts all of an hour or so until the next meal time!