Thursday, January 29, 2009

Part 2

So, after my cup of tea . . .
Emma slept on and off for the rest of the afternoon minus the parts where she was crying because of the immense pain she was in and I couldn't figure out why. She was complaining about her stomach and I thought it was just the virus she had giving her cramps, something that Ibuprofen won't help. I checked her over at around 2:30 and saw that her ear was . . . DRAINING!!! Poor Emma. She was in major pain and her other ear was now getting into the act and just as I was getting dinner on the stove she woke up and was in so much pain and completely miserable that at 4:pm I just turned off the burners and grabbed the kiddo's and left. I didn't even have time to grab my phone or call Scott and tell him where we were going to be when he got home. I stopped off at the East Wenatchee clinic to see if the could just look at her and give us a quick prescription, since I KNEW it was bad. Well after going in a waiting a bit (Emma with quiet tears of pain running down her face) we were told they were so busy it would be quicker for us to go to the Wenatchee clinic. So back in the car we went and off. We got there and watched some of the new Charlotte's Web to distract us. Emma was in so much pain she cried and laid on my lap. Ty on the other hand made another 3 year old friend and they ran back and forth in the waiting room the whole time. Nadia was really sleepy, but also made a friend, a 8 year old boy that must have reminded her of Nolen because she kept calling him "Bubba". Too cute! One of our favorite nurses saw Emma and bumped her to the front of the line and rushed her in giving her some Ibuprofen and a room. We waited some more and when Dr. came in he was almost in tears. At this point she looked totally miserable and he prescribed some Amoxicillin and Tylenol with codine right after looking at her. So what was the verdict? 101.5* fever after the Ibuprofen and a double ear infection and a virus to boot. No school for the rest of the week, but she's no longer contagious - yea! We piled back into the car and went home. I still had to go pick up the meds after I dropped the children at home with Scott so by the time I got home it was almost 7 and we hadn't eaten dinner yet. Fortunately I was at home just long enough to turn the burners back on (remember, I had to leave the food on the stove?) and when I got home everything was cooked I just had to mash the potatoes and we were ready to eat. The up side was that I got a $30 gift card for Safeway for bringing in a new prescription! Woo hoo! Emma was feeling so much better after we got that first dose of codine and anti-biotics in her that she and Mia stayed up and talked for awhile since they hadn't seen each other all day. Mia (on the other hand) had a wonderful day with Mrs. Tracy going out to lunch and baking cookies.

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