Monday, January 5, 2009

***2009 !!***

Here we are again! I hope you are having a VERY happy 2009 so far. We rang out the new year at a New Years party with some friends. We didn't get home until around 2, so we slept late the next day and it has been so low key for us ever since. My hubby has been working from home and I have been trying to reconfigure our house so that it works for our family.

So far this year we have torn apart and reorganized 2 bedrooms and our living room family room and dining room. We have taken numerous toys and clothes to Goodwill and filled about 10 BBGB's (big black garbage bags, my hubby's favorite!) . When Scott has some time off it is time to reorganize, and toss and repurpose. We have been finding some great items at Good will to help us, and have been having so much fun treasure hunting. We also decided to dive into a more organized cleaning schedule that does not involve me cleaning the whole house every day so I am hoping to follow more closely to the fly lady's schedule and take it in bite sized chunks. I love the fly lady cleaning site.

We are starting back to school in 2 days and I am really going to miss all the time I have had with my kiddos. I know a lot of moms that are crazy when their kids are home and can't wait to get them back to school, but I'm not excited about sending them back. Except for the great one on one time with Ty and Nadia I just miss Nolen, Emma and Mia too much. They have a great school and wonderful teachers, but since Nolen and Emma stay with Scott after school and get their homework done there I don't get to see them until 5 when they all rush in the door. Then dinner, then clean up, then jammies, then family worship, then bed! WHEW!!

Last night we got a pile of snow and so today I can imagine that means LOTS of playing out in it and hot cocoa and fun around here. We do have some errands to do so I hope it thaws out a little bit.

OH Yeah! How do you like my new BLOG design? I changed a bit to make it match, what do you think? I was hoping to have a new pink background, but couldn't find any I liked, so this will have to do.

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