Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Not quite like I planned it

Have you ever had those days that you had planned out from the evening before and in your mind it all flowed like a ribbon of chocolaty fudge down a mountain of vanilla ice cream, but wait . . . In the morning you realize that what you though was ice cream wasn't and wait, that's not fudge! Ok, so last night I pictured myself making monkey bread for breakfast , Emma better and going to school (after 2 days home sick) and Ty, Nadia and I going to bible study after stopping off to get snacks. Not quite in the plan for today, actually not AT ALL in the plan for today! I was way too pooped last night to start the Monkey Bread and so we had cold cereal, Emma was still sick (in fact worse, as you will later see), and on our way to pick up snacks the car died (as in wouldn't even turn over). We had to call Scott to come and help us with the car as we were stranded in the Safeway parking lot. Since this is becoming a trend (the bad kind, like stirrup pants ...yeessh) He asked me to take the van to Les Schwab and see if they could help. Has anyone ever taken a 1 year old, a 3 year old BOY and a sick 7 year old girl to Les Schwab? Not good, don't do it - call a sitter! The popcorn looks like a lovely idea and the tires look like they would be fun for your 3 year old to count, but if they offer you balloons, do not take them even if your 7 year old says,"Yes please, sir." with out being prompted and the guy looks at you like your daughter is the most angelic being he has encountered. All will end poorly. You will regret it and curse the very floor of the balloon making factory they imerged from. Just a warning.
They were able to fix us up and in a mere 3 hours (left the house at 8:30 back home at 11:30) we were home and had wasted 3 perfectly good hours with nothing to show for it, but a couple of hungry toddlers and a sick little girl. We decided to cut our losses and watch a move while we ate our lunch and then I realized that Emma has an ear infection! As is the norm for our children there is now puss running out of her ear and down her cheak. Ugh! I added some meds and put all three of the children to sleep and now it's 1pm. Time for some tea! Maybe we'll have Monkey bread tomorrow . . .


Rachel said...

Oh Jen, I could have helped! Please call next time! I agree only nightmares can happen at Les Schawb with toddler boys...Especially 3 hrs! What were you me next time!!!! Rach

Michelle said...

ASK FOR HELP! We are all here for ya! Remember, Scott is home most days, he could rescue you and do the Les Schwab run for you. Just a thought for next time! Michelle