Friday, January 30, 2009

Normal life at Hedge Parke

Well, after the last couple of posts I though it might be good to let you all in on a great little secret that I didn't realize I was keeping! That Wendesday really was an abnormal day around here. On a normal day I wake up between 5 and 6 and get coffee ready and get the kitchen cleaned up (mostly because if I stop I will fall asleep). I then start breakfast and at about 6:15 Scott and I wake up the children and we all eat breakfast and then Nolen, Emma and Mia get dressed for School. They leave at 7:15 and after we wave good-bye at the window Ty and Nadia take a nice warm bath and they get dressed. Our morning routine includes laundry and general house clean up. We read stories and Nadia takes a short morning nap. At 10:45 we head out to pick up Miss Mia from kindergarten, run some errands since we are in town anyway and come home for lunch. Everyone gets cleaned up and we pop down for an afternoon siesta. At 4 I start dinner and at 5 Nolen, Emma and My hunky hubby come rollin' home and . . .It's dinner time! Bath's, showers and jammies and it's to the couch for some family time and then the kiddo's are off to bed. Hubby and I have a few hours together before we then drift off to sleep. Not to thrilling, and there are days that are OBVIOUSLY not like this, but by and large we have a really wonderfully relaxing life. I love my kiddo's and I thought that 5 would be more hairy than it is. I think my hubby's laid-backness is rubbing off on us all! Have a wonderful day and remember to hug your hubby and give him a great big kiss the next time you see him. God is good!

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Teri said...

WOW that's great! You must be really organized. I need to take a lesson from you. We never have the same day twice. It's always a crazy free for all around here.
Keep up the good work.