Saturday, October 2, 2010

Non-marking soul

As I was helping Ty put his shoes on this morning I read the bottom of his shoe : Non marking sole. And I thought, " Wow, wouldn't it be horrible if we had the same type of label on us?" Let me explain...
When you weave in and out of your day and through the lines at the grocery store, latte stand and in and amongst your children and their friends what is the mark on them left by your soul? Do you leave the people you meet better than you found them, or is there no mark that you were there at all? Do you have a non marking soul? Or are you so filled with thankfulness that you leave a wave of smiles behind you? I went through a shy phase, worried that I would call someone by the wrong name that I never said a word to the children in my children's classes when I dropped mine off. Well, I decided that in the midst of my selfishness I had to stop. This is a golden opportunity to pour out the grace that has been poured into me. I want a marking soul. Now I throw out genuine "good to see you today"'s and hugs whenever I can. These children need to know they are a needed and wonderful part of the school around them.

The headmaster of their school greets every child that comes in with a "Good morning!" and he knows their names! My son did remind me that he does go home at night (good to know he doesn't think he lives at the school!). In the midst of changing and uncertain times for these children an adult that cares about them and wants them there can make a huge difference. Even the hug that you give your daughter's best friend can say more than you think. How about , "Good job making friends! She sure is a good choice!" Any extra amount of love poured in will yield great results.
We have great friends that my children have adopted at various stores that we frequent. A clerk at Costco that doesn't know the Lord will feel themselves pulled with a force unknown when a child freely speaking of their love of Jesus pours out an extra dose of love to them, completely unwarranted.
Even the full heart of your pastor after your children run up to him after the service to say, "thank you" and give him a big hug. It makes a big impact.

Call the people that help you by their names, they usually have name tags.
Be thankful, verbally.
Love your children's friends, especially if it's a friend well made. One that is a true friend to your child.
Pray for grace and for God to open up your eyes to opportunities every day for God to give you a marking soul.

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