Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pray for a hurricane

Time to get uncomfortable. There is nowhere in the entire Bible where God says to his people whom He created and loves dearly, that he wants us to me nice and comfy-cozy. Or most importantly that in that state we would EVER be serving Him as we ought. The last few months have been swimming with the theme BE UNCOMFORTABLE . Each morning of my life i wake up with a plan in my brain of how I want the day to go and just as quickly that plan is ruined. By either my own lack of foresight or the sinners I live with. The goal is to wake up saying , "Ok, God! What's on the agenda for today. Make me ready!" and then move forward with a song in my heart.
I have slowly (how long have I been a Christian!?!?) been choosing to be uncomfortable to put what I believe on my feet.

Do I love Jesus? OK love widows and orphans. Find them, seek them out before they seek me. Be perceptive.

Do I love Jesus? Submit lovingly, thoughtfully and intelligently to my husband whom I WANT to lead me and to make the TOUGH choices for my family. And be thankful when he gets uncomfortable and does it. Even with the coaches who think it's manly to refer to the wife I just want to get away from.

Do I love Jesus enough to fill my coveted spare time intentionally serving Him? Make a call rather than make a cup of coffee. Go to a Bible study where I am stretched and encouraged to grow rather than staying in my comfy clothes at home.

Every time I get uncomfortable I am rewarded and right afterwards I forget and am reluctant to do it again. The flesh is weak and the memory is weaker. We are called on again and again in the Old Testament to remember the good that God has done and to tell our children. God is faithful to hold us and sustain us even in the hurricane.

Pray for a hurricane. Sometimes we need it more than calm.


David & Jenni Johnson said...

Amen Jen! :)

Lindsay P. said...

Yes! Reminds me of our current study! I love your thoughts.