Thursday, October 14, 2010


And just like that Fall is creeping on the scene and summer is behind us. Nolen, Emma and Mia are deep in the trenches and loving school. Ty has started pre-school and spends most of his days forgetting that it really is school and tells me how much he loves his new friends. Nolen is almost done with football and Scott with his first official year of coaching is thinking about next year already. Emma and Mia have figured out a system that works for piano practice and are loving it. Our house is all a flutter as we talk about think about and pray about the *new* baby. Nadia keeps telling us how she can't wait to see the baby because "it's so tinsy and tincy". The leaves are indeed changing on our street.
And with them I am reminded that there is a season for it all and each has it's own beauty and pain as well. The chill of winter with this thrill of parking your 4X4 on an embankment to "save the plowed spaced for the older people". The new life of Spring with the stark stinging winds. The sweet drip of Watermelon juice off the chin of summer and the biting pain of the first sunburn of the season. And the initial frustration of a full closet of Fall with tank tops hugging fleeces and cords to the fun of watching Single Wing while wrapped in fleece.
Lately I have been watching The Biggest Loser. The participants have eaten themselves to a place where their bodies are about to give out. They are sick and dying. The trainers are pulling them out of their graves and they are still complaining. How can someone in so much pain (overworked knees, backs, hearts, lungs) rebel so much while they are being helped? Sin is ugly. And it twists the reality that is there to the reality that we see. "Why do I have to give it up? It's not hurting anyone, right?" Wrong. When you are Christian you have been bought by too high a price to allow anything to come between you and your Savior.
A friend of mine recently contracted a case of Mersa. It went undetected. It grew. It flourished. By the time she went to the doctor there were no medications that would help, no iv antibiotics that would even touch it it had to be cut out completely. As soon as it was gone it was gone completely, no sign of it remained and the healing process was moving along faster than all thought possible.
This should be our response to sin in our lives. Repent. Run the other direction. Thank the Surgeon and leave the hospital. Is there a case of Mersa in your life? Repent and Voila!

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