Saturday, June 6, 2009

Finally Healthy!!!

Today marks day one of a long anticipated day where ALL of the children and Scott are healthy at once :) I have been in the pink the whole time, but who wouldn't with all of the running (mainly up and down stairs) and sun (chasing the children around the yard) and great food that I eat (since I pick it all out and make it and sometimes, more often now than when it's yuck outside, my hubby grills for us). Today we went to Rotary park. WE actually refer to this glorious place as "Sprinkler park" or "Dinosaur Park" and Nadia has started calling it "Frinkler Park" since she calls all sprinklers "frinklers" any way. On the way there I picked up some awesome beach towels from our trusty Goodwill and we were on our way. Seriously though, they ROCK! The clerk and I were waxing eloquent about how they were a piece of our country's past and we were just picturing the great times had around these very towels in the past. No Pokemon, no Princesses just a crossection of Americana... Ahhhhhh..... The children played hard and we all went out to celebrate our health and our great family. God is good.


travelmom said...

Sounds like a perfect summer day! Did I say summer? Wait, I had to pinch myself. Yep - it is summer!!!

Michelle said...

Missed you at church, but glad you are all feeling better. We love rotary park also, and youtowel story is so classic you. It reminds me of our talks about vintage table-cloths and the Thanks giving dinners prepared on them. Anywho...glad you are all feeling better.

Rachel said...

Now that you are better your welcome to come over! I told Nolen 24 hrs with no fever...Sounds like you made it...WOOOHOOO...Nothing like brining in summer with 5 little fevers! Miss you.