Friday, November 14, 2008

Thankfulness Catch up :)

Alright, here goes
#7 my parents!! They are the greatest, and I am so thankful for all of the wise and practical advice they give. I look around my home and at my children and cannot see more that a square inch that does not have their fingerprint on it. From the Groovy Girl clothes, our slippers, hats scarves, dresses, etc . . . knitted by my mom to the tools and weedeaters filling our garage and sheds to overflowing. We are very blessed by their help and love

#8 my sister!!! She is always thinking of us! I'm not sure if we have made it into her book yet (hint!hint!) and by the way I would really like to see that - how hilarious. She is fun and funny and not bound by her limitations - BUT DO NOT OFFER TO ORDER HER A FRAPPACCINO (sp)!! I once did and had to walk off the laughter at what she asked me to order, I almost couldn't say it! My kiddo's are so kind and generous to anyone disabled, thanks to her. They have gone up and requested rides on peoples wheelchairs, though so I guess there are things to watch out for. Too comfortable and all.

#9 My mother-in-law! How funny is that? Do people actually say that? I personally love my mother-in-law. She is kind, generous, loving and fun. She LOVES her grandkids and just thrives on their antics. Whenever I tell her the latest daring-do by Sir Titus she is so good at putting it all into perspective, and reminding me that Scott was just like that and now look at him!! I usually leave our conversations with a smile on my face and a deeper love for my family.

#10 The River Academy, yes one of my favorite places on earth. I love to hear that loud rambunctious chanting of Bible verses echoing through that halls, to see Nolen and his friends running at breakneck speed out to the playground to play football or some other high intensity rule related game (Nolen is our rule-monger) with huge smiles on their faces. I love to see Emma and her friends going from room to room after school asking to help the teachers clean up their rooms, sharpen pencils and whatever else needs to be done. I love to see Mia bounding out of class to see me and give me a HUGE hug and to tell me she misses me after only a mere 3 hours away. I love to be in a place where my husband is respected for who he is, what he contributes and thanked daily for what he sacrifices to be there. The BEST thing about The River is that God is glorified and Christ is put first. The same teachers that have fun with the students are also not afraid to hold them accountable and to talk to them about what really matters. School is merely a training ground for the Christ centered life. And, yes a happy place for my hubby to be the all time quarterback at recess.

#11 Flu shots and our amazing access to medical care here in the US. A couple years ago Scott got the flu. Not Gastroenteritis but the real genuine flu. He almost died. It was extremely scary for me, the children were all to small to realize what happened, but with him in the hospital and losing weight daily I felt the full weight of a life with out my best friend. Everyone that came in contact with him had to wear a mask and couldn't touch his skin without gloves. I couldn't even sleep in the same bed with him for a week afterwards. When he was finally released I was left with a husband that weighed nearly 30 pounds less than he did when he went in, not a good weight loss regime. Ever since then we have all got the flu vaccine. If it protects us from the current strain, great -wonderful!!! If not, at least it gives our bodies another shot at learning to fight off a nasty bug. And it gives us a peace of mind that is worth more than the co-pay.

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