Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thankfulness #5

Now anyone who know me knows that I hate the rain. I am not talking from a mere single experience in it or seeing it from far away and saying, "ewww", I have been living in Washington state my whole life, and specifically on the peninsula for my first 20 years of life and can say with expert knowledge of the subject at hand and all of it's facets that I hate the rain. BUT!!! Today when we saw that it was raining I put the girls in these ADORABLE rain jackets and look what they did! My little Wenatchee girls are trying to catch raindrops on their tongues! I can now say with a heart full of joy that today I am thankful for the rain! Who wouldn't be with such cuteness as the end result?
Did I mention the part about their hoods? They are definately the cutest girls alive. Confirmed.
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FarrFamilyCircus said...

If you interested and while it's still raining we should get those girls in those jackets and some boots and let them splash around a bit while I take pics ;)