Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our week in review

Well the pre-Thanksgiving weekend started out great with hubby and kiddo's getting out of school for the week, and my amazing mother-in-law arriving for a fun and relaxing week before Thanksgiving. We had all sorts of great things planned and were hoping to really spoil her and fill her tank for the return to Florida. Friday was the big feast day at the River and an assembly and the children ALL loved having grandma there with them to celebrate. Then mom and I went to a Pampered chef party for some adult time and had a lot of fun. Well, then things began to unravel. That morning, EARLY Saturday morning Nolen began throwing up, then Nadia then Mia, Emma, Scott, and Sharon. It was miserable. On Sunday night I slept in my clothes with just a light blanket on and my glasses on ready to jump up. I was up numerous times helping my poor family and running them back and forth to the bathroom, changing them and their bedding and being on guard as to not miss something really bad. Nolen was better and I thought Ty and Nadia were fine so we went for a walk with the dog at the park, all went well so instead of going in and exposing ourselves to the stomach flu we went to the store to pick up some rations. Well as soon as we got to the car Ty started throwing up. And when we got home I gave Nadia something to drink and she started throwing up again! Yowza! It was crazy around here for a couple of days. I never got whatever it was, thankfully. We are still dealing with some sort of head cold, but other than that all is well.
Thanksgiving day was a low key and relaxing day as we were all exhausted, but pretty well recovered. Scott grilled salmon and asparagus, I made a feta and blueberry salad, mashed Parmesan red potatoes and baked apples and Nolen made the Challah and we spent dessert with our dear friends the Bowes! It was really nice especially because I LOVE my hubby's grilled salmon!!! Any day with that is a good day. At dinner we talked about all of the things we were thankful for. Well, we had told the children that we were going to do this and we wanted it to be a well spring rather than a kinked garden hose, so we asked them to make lists earlier in the day of about 10 things they were thankful for. Well, Nolen made his list and then memorized it as not to have to worry about all of that pesky paper (very Nolen), Emma wrote out 10 (in about 30 different colors along with illustrations) and then ran down the stairs upset because she had way more than 10 and was asking if it was OK for her to "do more" . Then after she finished she decided to put it to music and sing it. Then she sat down to play a harp accompaniment to it (VERY Emma). Mia worked sooo hard and actually wrote out her's!!! She is only 5 so this took her awhile, but she pressed forward and and did it (very Mia). Ty chimed in at dinner that he was very thankful for Jesus dying on the cross and sharks and fishies. Nadia spoke up with her ever present, "Yea!", which is sooo cute by the way.
I hope you all had a great day and enjoyed your family and friends!

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Most likely Jenn said...

I'm so sorry your week turned out that bad before Thanksgiving! Yikes! I loved the part about the kids writing their thankfulness. SO cute! I wonder if we womenfolk ought to pick a week day, get a sitter and do some X-mas shopping together? Just a thought. You're on my phone call radar, just so you know. Don't know when it will happen, but you're on it.