Sunday, October 26, 2008

What makes life funner with kids

As Christians there are some things that are just no brainers. Bible reading being one of those. There are those of us who picture this as a quiet time in the morning with a steaming hot cup of coffee in our hands while sitting in a comfy recliner. BUT, life is sometimes funner with KIDS!!!! Tonight we had the BEST time that I have ever had while reading the Bible, and I think it just became a Welch family tradition. We acted out the verses we were reading, complete with Titus acting as Moses rod (both before and after it turned into a snake) and all of the rest of us acting as dead fish, boils and the rest of the plagues of Egypt. It was completely hilarious!! After Titus ate the snakey rods of the false prophets (the acting here was amazing people, you would have thought he was actually EATING the snakes!!) we stuffed his jammie top with a pillow and he rubbed his bulging belly. We almost died laughing. Oh, God is good! Everyone walked away happy and thrilled to be a part of our wonderful family (yes, even little Nadia).

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