Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Little Welch update is good for everybody

Well, since it was indeed quite some time since I update you all on how we are doing I thought you night like some cute August/September photos. Here is Mr. Titus at his 3rd birthday. Complete with swimming trunks and orange Dorito coating.

Here are Nolen Emma, Mia and Scott on their first day of school 2008. Don't they look nice? Did I mention how much I love those uniforms?

Sweet Nadia the morning of her 1st birthday enjoying her first ever birthday donut. I think she ate the filling first. That stuff was even up her nose.

And here is Emma with Mrs. Whitman giving a harp demonstration for Mia's class. Don't they look happy? The harp is such a beautiful instrament.
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Jenny said...

Your family is beautiful!