Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Awash in activity

Well life is just buzzing along over here in Hedge Parke. I have been waiting for a break in activity
(and a free computer) to update my BLOG and since neither looks promising I will just go ahead any way.
We have been enjoying Nolen's first football season for almost 2 months and now we are about to go to the last game of the season. Saturday is the big game, and his coach has set up a night game under the lights at the high school field. He is going to be sad to see it go and we will miss the great influences of coach Tim and coach Gus on our dear Nolen.
Emma was home sick today and when she wasn't sleeping or resting on the couch she was perched at the table with a pair of scissors in front of the huge stack of colored paper I got at Costco yesterday. She was trying to convey the joy found in a huge stack of colored paper (and from Costco none the less) to Titus, but he was hung up on the glories of the jumbo glus stick she was using. Miss Emma is the most creative and crafty one in the house. She is als a wizz at finding anything lost. I am amazed when she so easily finds things of Scott's that have been lost forever. How does she do it??
Mia is going to be having her tonsils out of Friday and as easy as that sounds there are about a million things that have to go RIGHT for that to run smoothly. Fortunately all of the details are getting worked out.
We were just surprised by a weekend visit from my parents and sister and had a great time. They are so fun to be with and after my mom comes out I always feel energized and ready to tackle it all again. She is so good at putting it all back into a managable perspective. Somehow she manages to herd all of the cats. We went through and tried to figure out the rhyme and reason that is out life here at Hedge Parke and it all went so well. Did I mention I have an amazing MOM!?

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