Friday, June 27, 2008

Poulsbo Thursday!!

We had another relaxing morning. Scott and Nolen headed off to Silverdale mall for some father and son time and the girls kicked out some school work some reading and Ty did some great dot-to-dot lacings in construction vehicle shapes (great for teaching small motor skills and number recognition. I loved it, it reminded us of our homeschool days, on which we will ever look fondly. Well after all that we went on another fun road trip to Poulsbo. We walked all over the main street and I took the children into all of my favorite stores including Slu
ys (see above photo). The best bakery on earth, they actually have lefse!!! We went to the lotion store and the kitchen store and the book store and I told the stories of the days I remember there as a child. We had a great time. We walked down the path to the play area that I played in as a child (though now it's much safer with all sorts of precautions taken to preserve the children's tender skin in case they fall. Again, how did I survive!?) We also went to the shore. The Poulsbo waterfront is TOTALLY different than the Silverdale waterfront as a dog from a cat (only more so ) . There is so much MUD. We squelched our way out to the rocks and the muscle beds and turned all the rocks over to find huge colonies of hermit crabs. Now, Titus is not a crab person. He leaves that to the sisters and he and Nolen have rock throwing contests. They chuck them in to make the biggest splash. Nolen is a great big brother. We finished it off with a picture of the Children next to the bronze Viking and hopping on the pylons in front of the stage. Pure Bliss.
We went home and Scott mowed the lawn the children and I cleaned the bathrooms and we relaxed for the rest of the night.

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