Monday, June 9, 2008

The best day of my life!!!

Exclaimed Emma as we finished our walk through the Seattle Aquarium this morning. We had so much fun! I had a feeling that my sweet girl would love it. 
We started out late (of-course) but I was OPTIMISTIC!!!! We went to Sluys bakery in Poulsbo for a bakery treat to start our day. NUM!!!! Victory #1. Then we jumped on the ferry to Seattle. Scott and Emma relaxed in the boat for some father daughter time while Nadia slept and I schemed. The aquarium opened at 9:30 and it looked like we were actually going to get there on time! I called and asked the manager if they would be willing to gift our admission to us. They DID!! I was in shock! We had sooo much fun there. Emma went from animal to animal with the worlds biggest smile on her face. Mother look! Father come here quick! Hurry Hurry Hurry!!!! Were some of the comments that she made while we were there. We ate lunch there in the cafe and then made our way to Childrens. Did I mention the crazy rain? It was POURING and WINDY. 

We got to Children's with plenty of time to spare and enjoyed our time, since we were able to relax and weren't rushed at all.  Emma was ready to talk to Dr. Chun, and when he finally came in to talk to her she had a lot of questions for him. Emma is the type of girl that want's to know EXACTLY what is going to be happening and what will be used and what will happen when it's done. She asked to see the catheters and to know where the surgery was going to take place and if the anesthesiologist would know if she was going to wake up BEFORE she woke up. We got to play with the instruments and he told us all of the great details. 

When we were done at Childrens (no cell coverage in the hospital at all) I had a voicemail telling us that we had a place to stay!! It is the University Travel Lodge right down the street from the hospital and Barnes and Noble.  We found it pretty easily and then headed over to B&N for some relaxing time. We walked around in the rain for awhile and then tried to find a place to sit down and eat. Since we had no luck we decided to call the one person who would not only be able to show us around Seattle but locate a great place to eat seafood as well. Emma was craving some fish!! We called Rachael Helsel! We met her at her house and Who answered the door but Bree Flones! Emma was really excited to see them and was bouncing up and down and screaming for joy when they came out to the car. Rachel hopped in with us and we ended up in Ballard. We had so much fun at dinner. Rachael told her that she was going to come to the hospital to see her tomorrow,and Emma didn't quite understand why Rachael was going to be there TOO. She got extremely concerned and asked if she was having surgery tomorrow. Oh, that girl. Emma found a buddy. 

Well, I will hopefully update tomorrow eve. I think we will all end up  at the hospital tomorrow night, I'll let you all know.

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Most likely Jenn said...

Emma, We're praying for you! Keep being your ray-of-sunshine self!
Mrs. Eck