Friday, June 27, 2008

Family Vacation strikes again!

Well, since the last thing most of you heard we were planning a two week trip to Montana I though I should update you on the changes in our adventure.
Monday we folded up our table in Wenatchee and after much fussing and cleaning headed out to Spokane 6 hours after we were hoping to. It took 4 hours and two stops and we arrived. Our hotel was really nice, and after switching rooms with my parents we got settled. 10 minutes later we got a call from the front desk with a noise complaint. Ugh! We packed up our thrilled children and headed down to the much anticipated POOL!!! We had so much fun swimming until the fire alarm went off. Evidently someone had tried to nuke their free hotel cookie and scorched it, nice. Amy was excited to discover that since the elevator's weren't working, she got a free ride up the stairs by the cute firemen that came to check out the alarm. We joked around about planning it to put her trip out on the right foot.
Well after talking all night and recalculating the driving time (could it really be 40 +hours?!?!?!?) and talking through the amount of children that our kids would be able to play with we decided to "change horses mid stream" . We scrapped Plan A wonderful family trip to Montana and replaced it with wonderful family trip to Silverdale and surrounding vicinity.
Tuesday We . . . .
Packed up our bags and checked out of the hotel. Ate dinner at Olive Garden and went to Mobius (check it out at a children's interactive museum. I highly recommend it. When Scott and Michelle went I was having trouble wrapping my mind around the concept, but intrigued. If you have kids and are in Spokane GO!!! It is well worth it. Our children had so much fun and they all played hard, from Nolen to Nadia.
We drove to Silverdale to stay at my parents house and arrived at 11:30pm. We unloaded and went to bed.
We had a lazy morning and planned a relaxing day. We ate a breakfast of our new Welch family favorite (thanks to Michelle for my **NEW** ebelskiver pan) EBELSKIVERS!!! We headed down to Silverdale first to the Learning Tree to get some Bridge books for the summer. I love these books because they are light weight compared to TRA and they are all comprehensive, so we don't have to have more than 1 book. Then... to the shore (aka Silverdale waterfront park) and played in the uber-safe new play area (how did I survive my childhood playing on the swing set with the gravel underneath!?) And then we turned over almost every rock and caught every crab and ohhed and ahhed over every shell on the beach! I loved it. There is nothing better than your children loving what are the places of your fondest memories, and I have some wonderful memories there. It is gorgeous. Did I mention that it was 80*? Lovely. We left there and headed over to the Silverdale Library to sign the children up for the Summer reading program and to get some book for their daily reading. Now even though these two places sound simple and mild. . . .They are two of my favorite places in Silverdale. They are repleat with memories, I could wax nostalgic for many a page, but alas. .. We also stopped by a little childrens consignment store that was planning a $! sale the next Friday.

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