Saturday, May 17, 2008


Well, today was day 1 of our 10 day stint without Scott. He coaches the Mock Trial team at the River Academy and since they took 4th place at the State level they were invited to a National Invitational in North Carolina (it's taking place this weekend and then the team is heading to DC for 6 days to explore ). I am really excited for him, and thankful to my parents for taking a week and coming out to stay with us and help out. Talk about going above and beyond the call of duty. We had a fun and very busy day. Scott and I woke up at 4am, had coffee together and spent some time talking, then I saw him off and I hunkered down to finish cleaning up before the children woke up so we could have an uninterrupted day. A few hours later everyone else woke up, we had breakfast and got ready to go to town together. We ended our busy day with a trip to Auto Mocha and stories with grandma ~ to the children a blissful day. It was around 95* here today, and it didn't seem to phase the children, they just added a lot of water ( and I mean a LOT of water. Think ARK) to their time outside.

Today I was asked quite a bit if I was hot. Well(began my reply) actually I'm not. You see, I define "HOT" as pregnant and walking in the flea market with hundreds of people in a small confined space in the summertime . . . in Florida. Now, I have actually experienced this phenomenon and yes, that is hot. Wenatchee at 95 with a nice breeze on a beautiful sunny day is warm, not hot.

I will try to update tomorrow. Have a great day!!

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