Friday, May 23, 2008


Well, it has come down to our last few days before we have Scott back. We have been kept jumpin' with Mom and Dad here and have been adequately distracted. They left this morning, leaving our humble house here at Hedge Parke much cleaner, more organized and with a running washing machine. WooHoo! I thought I was a whirlwind! Now I know where I get it from. WE shopped, cooked, went for walks, read stories to the kiddos, BOWLED, and did loads of laundry ~ Oh! Did I mention that we celebrated Amy's birthday!? It was a fun trip of shopping and dinner at our local Italian Eatery where her nephews and nieces insisted on the wait staff singing to her (since they gave us a HUGE slice of chocolate coffee ice cream pie we sang to her instead).

Amy is such a great sister. She loves us with all of her being, and thinks of us constantly. She thinks nothing of being used as a jungle gym by her nephews and nieces and loves being smothered in slobbery kisses. We hope it was a birthday for the books!

Scot will be home in 3 days and counting down . . . .

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