Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Yesterday the kiddos stayed home from school for the day and we hope it was the one day of illness for the season. Nolen woke up with a headache and so we kept he and Emma home. They have all gotten their flu shots, so it's hard to tell if they have something or if is it just the outter rim of something that is being fought off. We shall see. In Nolen's class there were only 7 children there yesterday, so his teacher sent home an e-mail that told the parents not to worry about rushing their children back to school, but to stay home and get well. What a blessing!! Especially in a school where missing a day REALLY matters and they usually end up with a small mountain of work to get back in the following days.

Today is Bible study day and Ty is thrilled. He hasn't gotten much past observer in the study, but at home he sings the songs and is generally whirlwindish about the whole deal.

Happy first day of Lent all!! Emma is encouraging us to give up sweets, we'll see how that goes.


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