Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Too much work or worth it?

There are so many things in life that require us to count the cost. The question keeps coming up, Is it too much work or is it worth it? I am reminded of the ant constantly. She works happily in summer and in winter he load is much lighter because of it. All of the struggling to lift the leaves that are many times bigger than she and move the sand that is many times heavier is all worth it as she eats the fruit of her labor in the winter of her life.

My husband is amazing in his desire to not complain. He moves swiftly from one task to another always cheerful always diligent and always completing what he started. If I ever spot a task left partially done it glares at me (because there are few) and I stare in disbelief. Usually to see him coming right back to pick it up again.

Do not lose heart! God gives us much encouragement in this area, and many times to recline and take a step back. When you wake up and your house is in order and at peace your day goes smoother. When you go to sleep knowing all of your little ones are tucked snuggly in bed, all of the clutter picked up and tomorrow planned you sleep better. Even if their little bouncing bodies are fluttering down the stairs with stuffed animals and blankets and pillows at least they are coming down to a quiet place to land. I have found that whenever I am too tired at night to put my house back together after the daily hubbub, the next morning is the start of a more chaotic day. When I am at ease my children are at ease and my husband is at ease.

My children are still small and I count the cost with them every day. Do I let disobedience go or do I correct it because I love them? Sometimes I have to take a step back and just laugh. I have seen some really funny things around here. My children are hilarious. They have sinned in the funniest ways and I have had to hold back many a guffaw. After a LONG trip to Wal-mart a few years ago we were talking to the children in the car and establishing who was going to go first when we got home, and little Emma pipes up with a, "What were we thinking!!??". Now Nolen and Emma are our easiest at the store and most helpful. I have been around children their ages who are crazy at the store and it keeps me thankful. God has been so faithful to us and our children.

One day I was in Staples with Nolen, Emma, Mia and Ty. We were laminating something at the copy center and as we were standing in line someone next to me exclaimed, "FOUR children!??! Boy! You sure have your hands full, don't you?" Did I mention that at the time Nolen, Emma and Mia were running back massagers up and down my back and telling me that I was the most wonderful mother in the world? Not asking for candy, not screaming in the store, and not acting crazy in the slightest. At that moment I was witnessing the blessings of godly children in an ungodly world. What a wonderful antithesis!

Well, I hope you all have a fantastic day. Enjoy your jobs, duties and monotany and thank God for thoes leaves that are way bigger than you and that sand that is heavier than you think you can lift. Pick it up as you look ahead full knowing that He is above you lifting it up for you. Take JOY in Gods blessings.

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