Saturday, March 7, 2009

Goin' to grammma's house!!!

A couple weeks ago we went to my parents house in the woods and had a belated Christmas. As you can tell frpm these pic's our kiddo's were THRILLED, and as you can also tell if you peek into the background of this one, it was a white Christmas in February.

We stopped at our favorite latte stand and while we sipped our coffee to Silverdale, the children enjoyed their suckers. Notice Nadia with stick only, "where's the sucker?". On Tuesdays before choir our rally cry is "One .99 cent lattee and 6 suckers, please!" . The children couldn't be more happy. Ahh to be a kid again. . .

Here's Nadia. I wish this BLOG had sound effects. You would hear cute baby happiness and snorting, along with much bouncing and joyfulness everytime she got into this car. My parents have had this car since my sis was born, and it has been through all of my children racing it around (and around!!!) their house. Love it.

And, here is my mom. Such a fun and loving grandma and a wonderful and helpful mom. She is someone that I will always ask for advice because I know that in every situation she always wants what's best for me even if it's a tough call on her part. But on the other side she always thinks the best of me and encourages me to not lose heart! She is my biggest fan and cheerleader and I am so thankful for her!!!
God was so good to give me such a beautiful and kind mom!
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Michelle said...

Kuddos Jen! Your mom is very sweet. Good pics of the kids. We love the same coffee stand, this will be a long 40 days with no suckers!!