Friday, February 6, 2009

The Grandmas and the Grandpas

Pre-teaching and the moral reason why have been all the rage in the Welch house as of late, so on our way to the grocery store Wednesday before bible study Titus and I had this very interesting conversation:

ME: Titus, do you know why you shouldn't scream at the grocery store today?

(This had become a pattern I was trying to avoid. He was getting so excited about the car cart and the free cookies and all of the excitement of being out that there were becoming more and more instances of random 'shouts of JOY unto the Lord' at Safeway.)

Ty:*blink*blink* (imagine crickets chirping in the background at this point of the conversation)

Me:If you scream you might scare the grandmas and the grandpas and we want to be more careful of the grandmas and the grandpas.

Ty: YES! We should not scream, we should give the Grandmas and the Grandpas skateboards and bikes!

Me: Ty it's a lot easier for you to ride skateboards and bikes than the grandmas and the grandpas, they aren't very steady on their feet and they might fall and hurt themselves, but it was a good idea. Instead of skateboards and bikes we should say,"Hello!" kindly to the grandmas and the grandpas or "How are you doing today?". Can you think of something else you can say?

At this point Nadia who had been listening and dying to interact with us finally let out a robust"Yeah!".

Ty: No, baby Nadia we don't want to scream, you might scare the grandmas and the grandpas. we need to say (bashfully), "Hi. I missed you." to the grandmas and the grandpas. Picture the 3 year old boy equivalent to the batting of eyebrows.



Love my job.


Teri said...

That's why I don't take Justin to safeway he doesn't only scare grandparents he scares everyone. But today I had to take him, and we had to use that awful truck cart.

Rachel said...

Hey are you guys back yet?