Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Day #3

Well, this post was supposed to be on what a great day we had on Saturday. AND how proud I am of Nolen and Emma and how they did at the Jr. Ridge to River competition. They were so great on their bikes and they had a blast as usual for the greatest day of the year (at least in my estimation). I will probably have to post a picture soon to show you the greatness of the day.

BUT, instead this is on the sheer sickness of the Welch house. Ty has been sick since Sunday night and I though the rest of the children had evaded it, but today Emma stayed home. She woke up feeling crummy, and was in the bathroom throwing up while Nolen and Mia were leaving for school. Then I got a call from Scott telling me that he was bringing Mia home since she threw up during Psalm singing in Mr. McEachran's room (Sorry Mr. McEachran!!!). They are all laying on the couch with their concoction (aka gatorade and sprite) watching cartoons. I am trying to get them to stay still so their poor little tummies can recover.

Nolen, ...yes we are watching him now. Scott went to his classroom after taking Mia home and took him to the school nurse so she could take his temp. He's fine, but we are keeping our eyes on him. He must feel like a fish in a bowl. What's that!? Is it the beginning of sickness or just the goofiness of a 9 year old boy? Hmmm . . .

Well, I had better go and check on my troops and start another load of laundry. Hoo Hah!

The good thing about them all being sick (we always have to have a bright side, right? I mean it is me writing after all.) is that they are sooo cute when they are sleeping and they are REALLY snuggly and loving. AND they don't eat a lot, so we are saving money! Hey, I'm trying to look and the bright side here.

Hopefully my update tomorrow will be better... Onward Christian soldiers!

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