Wednesday, May 26, 2010

home stretch!

We are officially on the home stretch at the Welch house. School is almost up for the year and we are leaving for Florida right after that, so it is indeed upon us. Nolen has graduated to father's independent right hand man. He is big enough and strong enough to mow the lawn by himself without us lording over him and he has even procured a summer mowing job with our neighbor! He will be making money! For all of his favorite things like duct tape and air soft what-nots. Emma is growing up so fast that I am often wondering where my little girl went! She LOVES her people and will be your biggest ally, unless the dispute is within her family an then she is the peacemaker. She has spearheaded the campaign to free the girls room from the fetters of the bunk bed and has succeeded. The beds are separated and there is a sweet little desk between them and she is in heaven. Now to paint, tear up the carpet and paint the floor, and get new bedding, but that too will come with time. Mia is also in a state of bliss over the decimation of the bunk system and every night exclaims "I love my *new* bed!" Her bed actually never moved, it's just missing it's top. Too cute. She just finished researching river otters for a school report that she's writing up and giving to the grandma's and grandpa's for Grandparents Day. She loves school and all her class mates and the prospect of summer both excites and sadden's her intermittently. The prospect of a huge old slip and slid at grandma's in Florida does console her, though. Titus is finished with his first year of BSF and only has 2 more weeks left of bible study. He has matured sooo much over this year that I can't believe it. We have prayed this boy from Tasmanian devil to Knight in shining armor. He loves cars and especially car tracks and has perfected the art of their construction always dreaming of new ones. Now he's hoping to find one where the cars jump off a jump into a dinosaurs mouth. Anyone? He and I have had some great conversations about sin and death and how to help Nadia and protect her (she is definitely his test subject). Nadia is growing into a little lady and I know when we go down to Florida she will keep everyone in stitches with her silly sayings and dances. If we have just the right hoppin' music in the car she begins to swing her bent arms back and forth and dance with a BIG smile on her face. She and Ty have had some hilarious conversations in the back seat. I need to post some, I'll keep my ears open. Her siblings are wrapped securely around her little pinky finger and believe it or not, ESPECIALLY Nolen! When he comes home she runs to him shouting, "Nolie! You'z home!" and he searches her out for those sweet little 2 year old hugs.
With the lure of Florida in the distance we are pushing on to finish strong. The school year's not over and there are still tests to take and papers to write and lunches to make and we still need to be up by the crack of Dawn. God is good and we are still running the race and fighting the good fight, for another couple weeks.

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