Monday, April 6, 2009

Snappy NEW look

I thought it was time for an update to my look. What do you think? As I looked outside at my children in their swimsuits and my hubby out there with his electric saw makin' stuff I though it was about time. We are officially on Break!!!! And to start it off right m hubby was up at 5:30am and off to town by 8am to get supplies to begin the project list. No, he is not a sleeper inner (I did, though, staunchly chastise him for not at least TRYING to sleep in at least a LITTLE bit!). I will try and post some pic's of the upcoming week for those interested. Right now we have a million things in our back yard and the sheds are completely cleaned out. We are gearing up for summer!! The children were begging us to turn on the sprinklers in the middle of the process so you know they have the bug.


Melissa said...

Can I come out from hiding and comment? :) It's always so intimidating for me to comment for the first time, but I so enjoy reading your posts.

Rachel said...

Cute new look! Can I just suggest something...You may need to change the post title color, it's kinda hard to see...I love the cherries, they are very cheerful!


Bethany said...

Very cute!!
Don't you love the nice weather? Its sure a great motivator!

travelmom said...

Hi Jen, I'm trying to comment on your comment - I'm soooo not techy! Thanks for your comment on my blog! I am having so much fun! Life is way more fun with Jim in it! Love your blog - come over sometime for coffee and help me work out my kinks! Love ya! Lori