Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Posting Away!

This is it! The first Post ever. We are in the midst of excitement here at Hedge Parke. Nolen and Emma stayed home from school today due to sore throats and now they are ready to do SOMETHING. They all slept for most of the day and so I tried to get stuff done around here, but when do I ever have that much time on my hands during the middle of the day?!?! I had no idea what to do so I . . . made Christmas cookies and finished up some of my Christmas cards. I need to keep a running list of. Things to do that do not involve cleaning or laundry. I LOVE to have the laundry done and the house beautiful, and I think of ways to do these two things better even in my sleep. I often wake up with my day laid out in front of me and ready to go, but those are the days of my sanctification, God will often have a better plan.

We are working through Advent with the children and I love how it is going. Though still a work in progress, we are all enjoying it.

Nolen broke his front tooth in half on Sunday at a friend's ice skating party. He was helping a friend of his up that was having a rough time of it, as he was about to stand him up he pulled Nolen down face first on the ice. Nolen responded in true Nolen form and was not only gracious to his friend, by not getting mad, but didn't cry either. WOW. The next morning we met Doug Milner DDS at his office and he completely reconstructed Nolen's front tooth. He did an artistic job. I saw a picture of Nolen before the accident and I couldn't even tell the difference. Great Job Dr Milner!!

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